How To Lay Artificial Turf

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You're the DIY type

You're the DIY type - good on you! That's what I'm here for. You simply purchase the quantity of 'NEVER MOW' luxury lawn and get stuck in.
It's sure not rocket science... but it does take some hard work - let's be honest shifting dirt and fine stones is not the easiest of tasks, but at the end of the job you can stand back and say... "Hey I did that and it looks great!
I'll give you as much advice as I can and if your close by to my office, I'll even come around and give you on site advice. Let's face it, I want you to get a finished product that you're wrapped with.
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Mark out the area for your new Never Mow synthetic lawn, remove the existing lawn and soil (this is the part that requires the physical work) to a depth of 50 - 60mm. If you have an irrigation system in place it will probabaly be a worthwhile exercise to remove this as it wil be no longer necessary as Never Mow simply doesn't grow!

TipIt is well worth hiring a turf-cutter (or your strong family members) if you have existing lawn to remove which will save you a considerable amount of time and effort. Don't forget to hire a skip bin for disposal of the soil.


Fill the area with Gap 7 (A fine stone which can be purchased from most landscape suppliers). Carefully screed the area and thoroughly compact (using a vibrating plate compactor is recommended - these can be hired from most hire companies). I suggest compacting the gap 7 to a level approx 5-10mm lower than the finished concrete/wood or garden edging as this helps with making the 'Never Mow' luxury lawn look even more authentic). Lightly dampen with water to help bind the gap 7 and this will allow you to see any low areas which will need to be filled as you go.
Compact a second time.

TipSpend extra time on the base work as this will be the difference between an average install and a professional install!
It does no harm to give the area a slight contour - this helps make a natural appearance.
Sometimes a weed mat can be layed before the Gap 7 is installed - this is totally up to you but it is another barrier between your lawn and the ground.


'Never Mow' luxury lawn is manufactured with the fibres aligned in a single direction. It is very important to ensure the grain is running in the same direction when laying out the full pieces of lawn. Cut the lawn to the desired shape using a sharp Stanley knife. Make sure you have plenty of new sharp blades as this sure helps make the cutting easier and more accurate.

Often there will be joins required due to the shape or size of your lawn. You will need to ensure that the seams are cut as close to the "grain" to allow for a better placement of the two pieces when joining later.

Allow a gap of about 2mm between the pieces to be joined as this helps to get a professional result. This can vary slightly from one lawn to another so stand back and take a look before glueing/joining the pieces together. Trust your eyes! Do not glue at this stage!

Now that you are happy with everything begin to nail down the edges of your turf. The nails should be placed approximately 20-25cm apart however do leave a gap of 40cm from each join so you can fold the turf back when glueing/attaching the joining tape. (I am able to supply this tape). You do not need to nail the lawn completely at this stage but enough to secure it so you can recheck what your joins will loook like when finished.

Once secured (or partially secured) around the edges fold back each join about 30cm and lay the joining tape (which you will need to cut to size) down the centre of the two pieces. If necessary use weed mat pins to anchor the tape down at each end. Spread out the glue (I supply this if required) on the joining tape and carefully lay one side of the
'Never Mow' luxury lawn (ensuring all the grass strands/blades are kept up off the glue/tape) and then place the other side of the lawn onto the tape (also ensuring the grass strands/blades are kept off the glue/tape). Run your hands over the join fluffing up the strands/blades to help hide the join. Nail or pin down with weed mat pins either side of the join.

Once done, finish off securing around the outside edges and stand back to admire your work.

TipTake care not to trap the blades of lawn under the nails/pins.


Brush the Never Mow lawn up with a stiff garden broom, brushing against the grain. Spread kiln dried sand over the lawn as evenly as possible either with a sand spreader, hand or shovel. The kiln dried sand is available in 25kg bags and one bag should cover approximately 2.5sqm of 'Never Mow' luxury lawn.

Brush again to distribute the sand evenly.

It's now you can throw a party and invite all your mates around to show off your manicured lawn that you will never have to mow again. Well done you for giving it a go and completing the task.

TipThe sand infill is so important so don't compromise. Not only does it improve the look of the lawn but more importantly it protects the backing from the UV rays and assits with helping the grass blades to stand up.


Installing your Never Mow synthetic lawn requires a keen eye, physical strength and common sense. The DIY process will save you money but, if you are in doubt or simply do not have the time or man power contact us or select one of the professional installers listed under the installation button on this website to arrange for a professional to expertly take care of it for you.