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It was about 12 years ago I was with a good friend in Las Vegas of all places, and we had been walking around looking at the sites and ended up walking up the semi circled driveway of a casino. It was semi circled as it curved around a huge lawn. The lawn seriously looked beautiful with all the landscape/planting that had been done and I said to my friend "look at what money can buy - a beautiful lawn like that. Not a weed to be seen, it's probably fertilised every 2nd day."
My friend said "Wow what a lawn... I'm walking on it - I've never seen a lawn so lush." 

He jumped over this little fence, took his flip flops off and then to my amazement said "This grass is not real... it's plastic." 

I didn't believe him so jumped over and sure enough it was artificial turf. 

I had never seen anything so realistic looking and decided this is what I wanted at my own home.

A year or so later I was on a buying trip in China (actually for clothing) at one of the trade fairs and I couldn't believe what I came across, several suppliers of artificial turf just like the Las Vegas one I had seen. I chatted to them all, learnt a little about the production/quality/feel etc and brought my samples back to NZ.

Everyone I showed, family and friends, just couldn't believe the real look and especially the feel of the grass.

Well I did nothing with the samples for around 6 years as I was busy doing other things but always had them in the back of my mind and one Saturday I was about to mow my own lawn at home and looking at my mossy depressing weed infested lawn I said "enough is enough." 

I grabbed my samples out, contacted the companies and after several conversations and all that goes with importing a product I purchased enough to lay at my own home and had a good amount left over (due to the minimum shipment requirements).

The left overs sold rather quickly as more and more people saw my lawns, and before I knew it I needed to order more for others and well... the rest is history as they say.

What makes me laugh is some people I actually have had to convince that my lawn is artificial! 

If you want to know more about the 'Never Mow' luxury lawn then 
request a sample or give me a call Rob 021 864 367 and I would love to be of asssitance to you and have your place looking like that gorgeous lawn I saw that day in Las Vegas.

Hear from you soon.

Regards Rob Jamieson