Imagine arriving at your place of residence proud of the beautifully manicured lawn that others will think you have spent hours watering, fertilising and of course carefully mowing - but you have done none of this.

The Four Specialist Grasses to make Your Lawn the Envy of the Street.

Field 50: A mixture of grass Blade lengths to give that "I'm a growing lawn" effect. The tallest blades are 50mm and it has the usual brown curly lawn as well.

Luxury 38: A 38mm tall "C" shaped grass blade which creates a soft touch and a rich looking lawn.

Prestige 40: A 40mm tall grass blade, full and thick with brown grass strands the same length as the green to give a more summer lawn look.

Waikato 35: A 35mm "W" shaped blade which assists the blade in standing up - 3 coloured green blades and a curly brown for that super realistic look.

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