Artificial Lawn

40mm high - Natural looking, Natural feel - The Professionals Choice

Imagine arriving at your place of residence proud of the beautifully manicured lawn that others will think you have spent hours watering, fertilising and of course carefully mowing - but you have done none of this.

Three Lengths of Grass/Lawn to choose from:

Premium 40: A 40mm tall grass Blade, and extremely soft to touch.
Luxury 38: A 38mm tall grass blade, soft to the touch rich looking lawn

SunKist 35: A 35mm tall grass blade, full and thick with brown grass strands the same length as the green to give a more summer lawn look.

Premium 40 and Luxury 38 have three shades of green and one brown giving that 'real fresh grass' look and the NEW SUNKIST 35 has three shades of green and two brown to give a more summer grass look.

Installation by
or select one of the professionals listed on this site.

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